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Dallas–Fort Worth sits above Cretaceous-aged strata, dates ranging from ≈145-66 Ma (million years ago).These Cretaceous-aged sediments lie above the eroded Ouachita Mountains and the Fort Worth Basin, which was formed by the Ouachita Orogeny.The Marathon-Ouachita-Appalachian-Variscan cordillera, which stretched through central Texas, around Arkansas, up through the Appalachian Mountains and eventually into eastern Europe, occurred when the supercontinents Pangea and Laurussia collided to form Pangea in the late Paleozoic ≈300 Ma.The zone of deformation known as the Ouachitas marks a zone of weakness that was exploited when the Gulf of Mexico opened about 165 Ma, in Jurassic time.Rifting affected regions which became the central Atlantic (between North America and Africa) and the Gulf of Mexico at about the same time.This rifting created a divergent plate margin that would play an integral role of the future geologic processes to follow.

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We know of these today as the Arbuckle mountains, despite the fact that they are far from what the untrained eye would consider a former vast mountain range.

These billion year old rocks can only be seen several thousand feet in the subsurface by boreholes and other data in the DFW Metroplex.

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